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Janice has been endorsed by. . .

Vote Mama

Megan Alter

Shawn Harmsen

Charlie Eastham

JP Claussen

Iowa Sierra Club

Progressive Turnout Project

Bruce Teague

Pauline Taylor

Susan Mims

Ruthina Malone

Lisa Williams

One Iowa

Iowa State Education Association (ISEA)

John Thomas

Laura Bergus

Mazahir Salih

Iowa's AFL-CIO


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa

“When I ran for city council, I filmed my launch video with my granddaughter on my back in a backpack. She's four now and is no stranger to political events (just ask anyone in my district), and she frames my perspective. I am running for the Iowa State Senate, District 45, to represent her and all our kids. We need people in our state legislature who understand the struggles of parenthood - including single parenting - who live with childcare issues daily, are invested in public education, and see the state through the prism of our children's and grandchildren's eyes. We must make it normal for people like me to serve in the legislature because only then will we start to transform our state to meet the needs of our up-and-coming generations.”
- Janice Weiner, candidate for Iowa State Senate District 45

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